Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PTU Summer Smiles Quick Page

The Summer Smiles Quick Page is perfect for the scrapbooker that wants a quick & easy solution to making beautiful layouts in half the time. All you need to do is insert your photo & voila..all done! Ready to print! The adorable Summer Smiles QP offers convenience & saves you time to scrap your other photos & memorabilia.

The Summer Smiles Quick Page is full size (12x12"/3600x3600 pixels) @ 300 dpi. Available for commercial & personal use. Please read my terms of use so that you are familiar with them before you purchase.

DSD Summer Smiles Quick Page - $4.00

Monday, November 3, 2008

PTU Summer Smiles Collection

The Summer Smiles Collection was inspired simply from having a fun day out with my Daughter, Zoe. We had so much fun & even though the sun was shining brilliantly, her smiles brought that extra gorgeous ray of sunshine into my heart :) Zoe is a Type 1 diabetic & was diagnosed when she was just 3 yrs old (she is currently approaching 9) & having a day full of smiles is always the most beautiful thing at any given moment. I dedicate the Summer Smiles Collection to Zoe for bringing me loads of love & laughter into my life :)

The Summer Smiles Collection is a full size scrapkit (12x12"/3600x3600 pixels) @ 300 dpi.
Its for commercial & personal use. Please read my terms of use so that you are familiar with them before you purchase.

Summer Smiles Collection contains:
16 Patterned papers
3 Photo frames
1 Alpha set (blue upper case)
1 Alpha set (blue lower case)
1 Busy bee (how cute - this one is :)
3 Triple eyelet ribbon ties
3 Metal brads (blue, green & orange)
2 Brad lines (to complement the brads)
1 Accent (blue)
1 WordArt (Summer Smiles)
3 Flowers
2 Flower Photo Prongs
1 Flower pot
1 Bunch of flowers
2 Ribbon bows
1 Sun (even the sun is happy :)
8 Ribbons
1 Flower corner
1 Tag (blue)
1 Eyelet (yellow)

I had fun creating the DSD Summer Smiles Collection & I am sure you will enjoy it too :)
DSD Summer Smiles Collection - $5.00

Introducing the 1st DSD Freebie Alpha!

Hi everyone,
I have been busy this last month designing some digital scraps for all of you :) There are a few other creations besides this one that are about to be added to the DSD blog, but first things first..I have a freebie alpha for you. They were designed with a full size layout in mind, all in .png format so that anyone can use them regardless of which graphics program you are using. The free alphas are 300 dpi...perfect for printing :) They are for personal non-profit use which is explained in my TOU (included in the download folder).

I had fun creating the freebie alphas & hope you have fun using them :) Maybe your friends would like a freebie too? Send them here to the Digital Scrap Designz blog & I'm sure you'll put a smile on their faces :) I mean, what are friends for, right?

Have fun & don't forget to leave some love. Also, don't forget to sign up with the mailing list. You don't want to miss out on the next freebie......do you? :)
You can download the Freebie Alpha here.

Terms Of Use

Digital Scrap Designz
All Digital Scrap Designz graphics are designed for a full kit (12x12"/3600x3600 pixels).

Terms of use
© Lisa Walsh 2008

I would hugely appreciate it if you would please read my terms of use. With downloading any Digital Scrap Designz (DSD) Collection/item you are agreeing to the terms set forth below.

GENERAL TERMS - Applies to everyone.
- All graphics included in any collection are the property of Digital Scrap Designz.
- Each & every single DSD scrap item is for non-profit use only.
Please, do..
- not share your purchased DSD item with others in any way, shape or form including blogs & online groups.
- not upload any DSD item to any file sharing site such as 4shared.
- not claim any DSD item as your own creation - altered or not.
- not add any DSD item to any scrap kits of your own to re-sell or to give away as freebies.
- not add any DSD item to any collection of any sort, CD rom or distribute in any other form.
- not tube any DSD item.
- not use any item to create obscene, defamatory, immoral creations or anything that is prohibited by law.

PTU ITEMS (Pay To Use)
- Please understand that the general terms stated above also applies to PTU items.

- All of the general terms above apply to ALL freebie DSD scrap items. Please visit DSD again soon as there will be many more freebies for you each & every month :)

- All of the general terms above apply to all commercial use items.
ALL DSD items labelled "For commercial use" MAY be used for the following:
- To decorate business websites, blogs, galleries, forums & the like.
- Proper credit must be given for the DSD items that you have used on the corresponding pages & should read "Scraps by Digital Scrap Designz" with a direct link to
http://www.digitalscrapdesignz.com/or to the DSD blog

- You may resize & re-colour DSD items just so long as the image is still of great quality & does not take away the artistic integrity of the original graphic.
- Feel free to submit & show off your completed scrap layouts that you create with DSD Collections for publication in online galleries, magazines etc. However, please ensure you give proper credit for the DSD items you have used which should read "Scraps by Digital Scrap Designz" with a direct link back to http://www.digitalscrapdesignz.com/ or to the DSD blog at http://digitalscrapdesignz.blogspot.com/
- If you would like to tell others about DSD then please feel free to share the DSD website or blog link.

- Please feel free to use any DSD item for your tutorials.
- It would be greatly appreciated if you would send an email to let me know the direct link to your tutorial. We would love to return a link back to you from the DSD website & blog.
- Please provide credit for the DSD items you have used which should read "Scraps by Digital Scrap Designz" with a direct link back to http://www.digitalscrapdesignz.com/ or the DSD blog http://digitalscrapdesignz.blogspot.com/

At DSD we are always looking for people who would just love to create layouts, tags or tutorials with our collections. Maybe you would like to join our team?

You would only need to design 2 creations per month, add a special DSD button to your website/blog & linking it back to Digital Scrap Designz, and to actively promote DSD.

The benefits to you are that you will receive the next DSD Collection absolutely FREE each month (which you will obviously use to make your scrap, tag designs or tutorials with). PLUS you will receive other incentives.

Would you like to be an active part of the Digital Scrap Designz creative team? For more information please email me: dreamtimescraps@yahoo.com
Please put 'Creative Team' in the subject line.
Many thanks & I will look forward to hearing from you soon :)


In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read the DSD TOU. It is greatly appreciated :) I don't like sounding so 'strict' but alot of hard work, time & dedication has gone into DSD's creations & it would be upsetting to see that my intentions of creating a product & service to you is being poorly treated. So please contact me if you find anyone violating my terms of use. Not only will you remain annonymous but youwill also be rewarded for notifying me.

Digital Scrap Designz is not responsible to any person, business or organisation for any loss and/or damages incurred from the use of the Digital Scrap Designz products. All collections are scanned & thoroughly checked before being sent to each customer & it leaves Digital Scrap Designz in full working condition.

Please note: These terms may change at any time without notification, so please always revert back to the DSD blog or website for any current TOU updates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: dreamtimescraps@yahoo.com

Although the website is not available at this current time, please know that it is currently being structured & built. It will become available before December 08. Therefore, please check back soon or join the DSD mailing list so that you can immediately be informed of any DSD updates, new collections & freebies.

Another note: Most DSD items are saved as PNG files. If you have trouble with PSP not recognising the PNG file, then open your PSP program, go to File Associations & check the box next to png. This will enable the png file to open with a transparent background.

Thanks again & hope to see you back at Digital Scrap Designs again soon :)
Kind regards

Friday, September 19, 2008

Welcome to Digital Scrap Designz :)

Hi everyone,
Thank you for coming to visit my blog :)

It is quite empty here at the moment, but over the next week you will find some wonderful 'warm & fuzzy feelin' scrap kits become available to you, absolutely free of charge! Lots of freebies to be exact :) I just need a little time to settle in & get comfy :) Actually, I think its the perfect time for you to do the same, don't you think?
Go on, go & grab a cup of coffee & spend a few minutes here with me. Think of Digital Scrap Designz as your 'comfy spot' too. This is where you can come & get some daily 'me time'. You deserve it :)

If I am going to be creating 'freebies' for you & your layouts & we are going to be spending a little time together on a regular basis, I would love for us to get to know eachother a little better. Just little snippets so that I can get a 'feel' of what type of designs you like best etc. That way you are getting designs that you want & designs that will highlight your creations to its full potential.
Make sense? Of course it does lol :)

Here's a little snippet about me for you.
Although I have been in the scrapbooking industry for 8 years, both on a personal & business level, I have to admit that the image above is my very first digital scrapbook layout! I have to say that I am honestly stunned with how much easier the 'digital' way is than 'normal' scrapbooking. I truely enjoyed myself thoroughly with putting all the elements together to create a layout of my Grandson :) It was nice to have some extra time thinking about him & those thoughts warming his place in my heart. Now that I have had time to play & have tried my hand at this wonderful hobby on the computer, I believe there are many, many benefits to digital scrapbooking. I for one love how much quicker it is, let alone not having a huge mess on the table :) I will definately be doing the majority of my scrapbooking on the computer from now on.

So tell us a little snippet about you...in the comments...
What is your name & where are you from?
How & why did you get started with digital scrapbooking?
What do you love so much about it?
How long have you been addicted? :)

I don't know about you, but I am definately hooked :) I'm looking forward to offering you the heartfelt scrap kit freebies & hearing all about you :) Thank you for your time & I hope you enjoyed your coffee :) Till next time...